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What is Infrared Sauna Body Wrap?

The Infrared Sauna Body Wrap is a natural heat therapeutic treatment which uses Far infrared heat energy (FIR) that penetrate twice as deep as other heat sources to target toxins and cellulite trapped in pockets below the surface of the skin.


The application of DoTERRA Essential Oilsmaximizes the effectiveness of rejuvenation, as they are delicately administered to activate and purify your Lymphatic System, enhance blood circulation, support cardiovascular health, boost metabolism, improve skin condition, reduce stress, alleviate water retention, and mitigate inflammation associated with conditions like common colds and athletic injuries.

What does Infrared Sauna Body Wrap do?

The infrared body wrap is an effective treatment in weight loss, stress management, cellulite reduction or elimination, skin rejuvenation and relaxation. The benefits far outweigh the risks as long as your client is in good health. I would recommend this treatment over and over again.

What are the benefits of Infrared Body Wraps?

  • Burn 800 - 1400 calories per session.

  • Cellulite reduction in fat loss.

  • Improve skin tone and circulation.

  • Reduce fatigue and stress.

  • Immune system boost.

  • Increases metabolism, energy and blood flow.

  • A decrease of water clusters and improves the flow of bodily fluids.

  • Relieves pain

  • Reduce inflammation…

Can Infrared Body Wrap heat break down fat?

Yes. Infrared saunas really do help you lose weight, and it's not only from the sauna burning calories. Infrared saunas also have a range of health benefits that are complementary to burning fat, such as their ability to increase heart rate and blood circulation.

Does Infrared Body Wrap reduce cellulite?

The reason that Infrared saunas work so well to get rid of cellulite is that they increase circulation and heat the body's tissues. This helps to break down fat cells. Infrared saunas use heat waves to penetrate deep into the body, breaking up fatty deposits in the connective tissue underneath the skin.

Does Infrared Body Wrap reduce inflammation?

Yes. Infrared light has shown immense health benefits, from pain relief to reducing inflammation.

Should you shower after Infrared Body Wrap?

It is best to wait 3 to 4 four hours after finishing your Infrared  wrap before taking a shower, to ensure that your skin continues to absorb the essential oils. The benefits of the sauna will continue its effect after your session is finished. 

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